Empowering Retailers With AI & ML powered ContentMerchandising & Shopping experiences to build Loyal customers.

OUR AI & ML Solutions


Our next generation AI, ML, DL and cloud based platform and solutions offer retailers the next generation Content management and merchandising to launch game changing Customer shopping experiences.

For retailers with existing solutions, our solution can set up product data and merchandizing data leveraging the retailer's existing product images. NO MANUAL DATA SETUP, which makes the Content management highly efficient.


Our core product and APIs drive merchandising and content strategies through engaging customer experiences for OmniChannel Commerce for retailers.

Check out some of the mobile, iPad and other device apps we built for some of our customers to reach out to their customers with game-changing experiences using our Picquora platform.

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We understand that as retailers, you have great ideas around how to market, and reach out to your customers. With AI & ML based Picquora platform, retailers have access to technology that enables them to launch these ideas.

Our dedicated team of AI & ML scientists and engineers will help you further customize our products to meet your Consumer experience, Merchandising, and Content Management requirements.

How picquora will help you

Customers have too many choices, becomes hard to retain them.

Our AI & ML Picquora Platform makes it super easy for you to launch game changing customer experiences.
We use your existing product images and auto generate data required for Search, merchandising and content management. No additional data setup is needed
Retailers can now focus on their products, build loyal customers and their brand. Our solutions do all the heavy lifting and significantly improve customer retention and improve process efficiencies by more than 50%.


Customers have many product options and choices, which makes it hard to retain them.
Our PICAPPS offer rich Omnichannel experiences which makes shopping fun, easy, and fast, ensuring higher customer conversions and lower returns.



We are a group of passionate, dedicated group of technologists and eCommerce experts focused on enabling rich consumer experiences leveraging next generation AI and ML technologies.

Having been in the industry, and using the current Content Management and merchandising tools and products, we understand the challenges with data setup, synchronization processes and that it takes 2-3 months of design, planning and setup.


Our vision is to empower retailers to build Loyal Customers and Brands. We believe that if your customers have a great shopping experience, they will become your brand ambassadors. 

Our goal is to offer the best in class Customer experiences and tools that help retailers become digital leaders. Our solutions make merchandising and content management a breeze - start with a picture and let our AI based products do all the work for you.


Our PICQUORA platform has the intelligence and algorithms that are trained to understand your products with the level of detail that was unheard of.


Our core platform also has the analytical intelligence around the successful customer conversion paths and these paths are offered real-time for successful conversions. In addition, our platform has the inventory and pricing prediction models which improve processes and bring in, much needed efficiencies.


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